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Jul 18, 2019
Feb 6, 2011
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Nov 19, 1989 (Age: 31)
B.C. Canada
Evil Emperor of Let's Playing

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El Presidente, Male, 31, from B.C. Canada

I can confirm this. I couldn't be more excited :)... Now we wait for Link's post about autism. Jul 14, 2012

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Jul 18, 2019
    1. SunBoxi123
      hi, enjoyed ur XCOM lets play a lot :D
      something i found out, watch out for sectoid commanders, they can mind control to your soldiers, like the guy in the first mission that looks like a zombie, and its permenant, the only way to deal with ur mind controlled friends is to kill or stun them, not even killing the sectoid commander works, and sectoid commander will appear when u assualt the base most probably
      1. core10117
        He got to that part in 14(?) and he did kill the commander, releasing his soldier from his control, don't know what happened.
        Oct 28, 2012
    2. bender
      i say jolly good show.i bought a few new games this month because of your mod reviews.
    3. Sticks
      Hey Stalin, I heard you were missing a cat IRL. I think I found him, if the cat in my profile is yours, please message me right away.
    4. KOrlowski
      Great Comrade Stalin! I love the site, but I like the convinience of watching videos on my iPod. Unfortunately, I can not access the site from Safari and all I have are old YouTube videos. This gave me an Idea! You should create your own App on the App store and bring this great site to people who mindlessly buy Apple devices (no offense to the mindless buyers of Apple devices is intended).
    5. Tae-Kuen
      Hey Stalin, New to the site, but wanted to suggest you do a let's play of Spec Ops the Line, the story is amazing!
    6. Echo
      Listened the war room podcast 24 again ahh.. good old days..
    7. MusicisLife
    8. TeamAvatar
      Dear Josef, this weekend i watched your EU3 lets-play and it would be glad if you had finished the game so i can watch the rest. With best wishes - the dark-german
    9. totalwar
      Have you heard of Wargame: European Escalation? It's a RTS game with really good graphics and 361 units. The setting is mainly in Europe during the time the Soviet Union existed. The game starts out in West Germany with the East Germans invading West Germany. Based on the games you have made let's plays of and things you have said I think that you'd greatly enjoy this game.
      1. TeamAvatar
        WG:EE is the inoffical successor of R.U.S.E. and it is a quite good RTS. But its not WG against EG it is NATO against Warsaw Pact.
        Sep 16, 2012
    10. totalwar
      For your next let's plays you should use battlestations pacific, Ruse, or both. They aren't the best games out there, but they are fun to play. Also, I think you should create more world war 2 let's plays since that was when the soviet union existed and were lead by Stalin.
    11. Ozan
      Hi, probably not a great idea to post here but its the only thing I can do. I lack sufficient privileges to post on furom threads or even view some of them and I'd like to know what's up with that, if its just me on a being on a phone, a practical joke, or a punishment for something I did.
    12. GeneralofCarthage
      It isn't's Koba.
      1. thelistener
        Jul 15, 2012
      2. kinglenin69
        thats just mean dude
        Aug 18, 2012
    13. thelistener
      why arent you doing anything
    14. Onyxja
      Must be hard being the Presidente, wouldn't want to be in your shoes.
    15. Fart on you!

      u change your profile picture:3
      1. Viking Socrates
        Viking Socrates
        I wonder who drew it >.>
        Jul 15, 2012
      2. Fart on you!
        Fart on you!
        Jul 15, 2012
    16. JosefVStalin
      I can confirm this. I couldn't be more excited :)... Now we wait for Link's post about autism.
      1. esac1122
        Jul 14, 2012
      2. kobashenka
        Close enough.
        Jul 14, 2012
      3. Link
        I am so happy for you.
        Jul 14, 2012
    17. scottap25
      Glory be to the all-father! He who relinquishes the control of the fat swine who wish to control our way of life! Glory be to Danzig, rest its honor. Glory be to the one who frees us from the evils and perils of a world of darkness!
    18. JosefVStalin
      I love all of you.
      1. Emperor Napoleon and kobashenka like this.
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      3. Chives
        You're first in my book you adorable, schizophrenic bastard <3
        Jul 14, 2012
      4. Viking Socrates
        Viking Socrates
        Sweet I'm 4th place.
        Jul 14, 2012
      5. Benerfe
        Glory to Stalin, forever and always!
        Jul 14, 2012
    19. JosefVStalin
      @peterxx Canada day used to be called Dominion Day, which sounds way cooler IMO.
      1. peterxx
        ya it sounds all empire-ish and saying Canada Day is difficult at times especially when drunk
        Jul 4, 2012
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    Nov 19, 1989 (Age: 31)
    B.C. Canada
    Evil Emperor of Let's Playing
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