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Dec 25, 2012
Feb 6, 2011
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Nov 19, 1989 (Age: 26)
B.C. Canada
Evil Emperor of Let's Playing

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El Presidente, Male, 26, from B.C. Canada

I can confirm this. I couldn't be more excited :)... Now we wait for Link's post about autism. Jul 14, 2012

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Dec 25, 2012
    1. JosefVStalin
      If the internet is to be believed, it seems Ron Paul wins every election unanimously every time.
    2. JosefVStalin
      @Ironchin, thoughtful.
    3. JosefVStalin
      @Julien, all relationship questions have gone too the off topic section. But I can't promise everyone will give serious answers.
    4. JosefVStalin
      I do Jack, but I have been too busy with school to play it very much yet :(
    5. JosefVStalin
      Reading Kantian philosophy for my Psychology paper. I hope the professor doesn't think I somehow got classes mixed up.
    6. KittyCatC
      Stalin THANK YOU I MEAN THANK YOU FOR THE LP DRUNK OF MW3. You put it up on my birthday so ill have fun
    7. JosefVStalin
      I need people to play World of Tanks with me, must grind for XP on KV. AKA The unstoppable god machine from outer space. Add Comrade_jvs
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      2. UnholyKnight800
        Don't use the second turret without the 107 or 152. Its traverse blows
        Feb 13, 2012
    8. JosefVStalin
      What is this "Superbowl" and how many cans of chicken noodle soup can I fit in it?
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      2. slydessertfox
        Bout a gazillion.
        Feb 7, 2012
      3. KittyCatC
        Response to your question. Depends on sevral variables: Size of Stadium Size of packaging temperature. Id say about a couple of billion maybe a trillion
        Hey also I was wondering can you do a lets play of Kerbal Space Progam or Wargame:European Escalation
        Feb 13, 2012
    9. JosefVStalin
      @Obiwan Tanz mit Laibach - Laibach
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    10. JosefVStalin
      You may better yourselves by sacrificing a goat in my name at least once a day. Preferably twice though.
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      2. Viking Socrates
        Viking Socrates
        Why not sacrifice something bigger like an elephant? Clearly only an elephant is worthy of being sacrificed in your name.
        Feb 2, 2012
      3. KYNHCN
        i sacrifice an ultralisk once a week
        does that even it out?
        Feb 3, 2012
    11. JosefVStalin
      After what seemed like weeks of work my game of the year videos are finished, they took way longer that I though. Viewer 10 top up soon.
    12. JosefVStalin
      It's Fuckin' Lilly, best girl in the game.
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    13. Communist Corben
      I have work on wednesday and possably thurs, and fri. Tomorrow.... Later today x.x will be best for me. I have $50 in my pocket which i can personally donate to you to get the new shogun expansion (should be enough to cover it.. havnt looked at the price) I've followed most, if not all of your total war let's plays and I wish to see yet another masterful let's play :) again you can reach me at 778 708 5248
    14. JosefVStalin
      I don't have class till 1 tomorrow so it's ok.
    15. Communist Corben
      whoops. Just realized i gave you the wrong number x.x it's 778 708 5248 if that is indeed still the wrong number then i'll march up to the top of the lion heads with a mega mic and proclaim that i do not even know my own phone number... Hopefully i wont have to do that because it's going to be very cold up there x.x
    16. Communist Corben
      I dont know how the PM system works in this, so this will have to suffice. I Corben Glenvad Lindstrom will donate money to you in sponsorship for a let's play using the new Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai expansion. Thinking that the Limited Edition would be cool. I live in vancouver so we can set up a time and date to meet. If your interested you can give me an email, or give me a call at 778 508 5248
    17. Vulcan200x
      Just watched the let's plat, the gift was not in motion, do you know how to open a gift with trade.....................? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    18. JosefVStalin
      I just realized that Im playing a game were the goal is to get disabled girls to have sex with you. I am the worst human being on the planet
      1. Surfusa
        You and so many others...
        Jan 22, 2012
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    Nov 19, 1989 (Age: 26)
    B.C. Canada
    Evil Emperor of Let's Playing
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