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Apr 21, 2017
Feb 14, 2011
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May 7, 1994 (Age: 22)
Parradise Valley, Arizona, United States of Americ

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Lost in space-time, Male, 22, from Parradise Valley, Arizona, United States of Americ

War never changes, people do by the path they choose Jul 14, 2012

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Apr 21, 2017
    1. Surfusa
      Who would be up for a toast of forum members? It's healthy and all in good fun, maybe soom of you would loosen up!
      1. Demondaze
        You mean a roast, right?
        Mar 25, 2012
    2. Surfusa
      Why does Stalin have to hold our hand all the time? Oh yeah, you all gang up against trusted members...
      1. General Mosh
        General Mosh
        Don't lump us all together, it is certain radical members.
        Mar 24, 2012
    3. Surfusa
      A vote for me is a cote for keeping order
    4. Surfusa
      Anyone up for a steam game of civ 5?
    5. Surfusa
      Back in my day on this site...
    6. Surfusa
      Well... Looks like I'm sticking to my yellow title of donator...
      1. LampRevolt
        Yellow's more your colour anyway. really brings out your eyes <3
        Mar 24, 2012
      2. Surfusa
        I'm not a fat pink haired girl from a video game about disabled girls... Anyways my eyes are blue
        Mar 24, 2012
    7. Surfusa
      So in my Vic 2 history, Egypt would have been a powerhouse if it had unlimited cash..
      1. BattalionOfRed
        Vikky has cheats, right?
        Mar 23, 2012
    8. Surfusa
      Looks like it's all coming along to plan in the walking dead... Excellent...
    9. Surfusa
      Well its been 3 months and still got katawa shoujo still on my mind
      1. Toast
        buy a dog
        Mar 18, 2012
    10. Surfusa
      So a female Krogan has to dig or die to be accepted... I wonder if there was a knitting club and what their initiation is
    11. Surfusa
      Did anyone see the new alien movie coming out? They got a viral at the website
    12. Surfusa
      So James will be sacrificed, Asheley will probably be sacrificed... Any others?
    13. Surfusa
      Why is it when I leave thongs happen???
    14. Surfusa
      Thanks to lucy, this week's warroom will be hectic... JK, we all enjoy ur company Lucy
    15. Surfusa
      Saw the Lorax, and for all you dr Seuss fans, this is just like the book! (with less rhyme)
    16. Surfusa
      WOO Spring Break!
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      2. Surfusa
        If you were a true fan, you'd follow me ;)
        Mar 3, 2012
      3. Link
        I was gonna follow you after that but the follow system is too annoying.
        Mar 3, 2012
      4. Surfusa
        It's okay Link, I'll go through the pain for you...
        (PS @Sly- We're off for a week, but then it's straight work ahead)
        Mar 3, 2012
    17. Surfusa
      Woo! Denny's at 1:00 AM
    18. Surfusa
      Damn you bronies! How many friends have I lost to you... How can I be one of the only survivors???
    19. Surfusa
      Its a shams none of you are down here watching grease...
    20. Surfusa
      Hey surf here. For anyonein Arizona this Wed, Thur, or Fri, my school iis performing Grease @ 7:00 PM... (I'm only ensemble so its not big.)
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    Sometime in my life I hope to see a human who has the mind of my 'true common sense' theory.


    May 7, 1994 (Age: 22)
    Parradise Valley, Arizona, United States of Americ