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    So this is just the Doctrine of Syndication that I wrote to define how the NKVD Clan would be organized, only I've abstracted the form to apply to any generic administration and removed "Doctrine" from the concept since it isn't quite necessary for this to be a doctrine. It's now simply called the Syndicated Administration System

    I've also reformed and reworded some of the duties so that the system, overall, it now focuses more on the roll of each position, rather than stating the abilities of each position.

    Unfortunately, in the abstraction process, the document has lost some of it's meaning and specifications, however, it still works appropriately as an administrative system.

    There are some clear difference between the Doctrine of Syndication and the Syndicated Administrative System once you compare them side-by-side.

    The Doctrine of Syndication declares only three positions in the NKVD Clan:
    NKVD Clan Leader
    NKVD Clan Branch Head
    NKVD Clan Member

    NKVD Clan Leader
    The Leader is the central authority and the chief administrator of the NKVD Clan.
    The Leader has the ultimate say on all decisions with-in the NKVD Clan that do not directly relate to gameplay.
    The Leader determines how NKVD Branch Heads are assigned.
    The Leader determines if a game is considered acceptable for the clan to partake in.

    NKVD Branch Head
    A Branch Head will act as the leader of a particular game or series of games within the NKVD Clan.
    A person may act as the Branch Head of exactly one(1) branch of the NKVD Clan.
    A Branch Head will conduct business on behalf of the NKVD Clan as instructed by the NKVD Clan Leader.
    A Branch Head may determine how to best organize the members of their branch of the NKVD Clan.
    A Branch Head will act as the ultimate authority on all gameplay related decisions within their branch and their decisions in this area cannot be overruled by any other authority in the NKVD Clan.

    NKVD Clan Members
    Members are direct subordinates of their respective Branch Heads.
    Members must obey orders and instructions handed to them with the authority of their respective Branch Heads, so long as their orders and instructions do not complicate the Member as an individual.
    Members may partake in any branch of the NKVD Clan at any time.
    Members may be limited in their ability to partake in any branch of the NKVD Clan at any time if it is determined by:
    1. Two(2) or more NKVD Clan Branch Heads to whom the member is subordinate to and
    2. The NKVD Clan Leader
    that they are incapable of doing such.
    Members are any individual who has been recruited into the NKVD Clan and is not a NKVD Clan Branch Head or the NKVD Clan Leader.
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    very sorry...stalin
    That sounds kinda lkie the military.

    Base commander- #1
    Deputy commander-#2
    Executive commander-#3
    Also if the soviet union was founded for the worker people should know that factory {and corporate management and administrations}
    came from basic military organization.

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