Official Dissolution of the People’s Assembly

Discussion in 'Site Policy and Rule Announcements' started by JosefVStalin, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Well this has kind of been a long time in coming, but for the best interests of the site I have decided that I must take full and central authority over policy and ensure once I have made such a decision it is implemented swiftly and effectively.

    But just as importantly I believe the “politics of the forum” have become incredibly corrosive and divisive and are slowly eating away at us all. Therefore I have decided that it’s best only one person has to deal with the politics of the forums and that is me.

    I know that some of you will be upset to hear this, and scream about how I am a tyrant etc. etc. But I believe many of you understand that the current state of affairs are broken and action must be taken, and I am sure many more than that just don’t care and are tired of this nonsense drama spilling over into your life on the forums

    Therefore I hereby enact immediately that the People’s Assembly be reformed as a platform for site policy and rule announcements. I also enact that if you have an issue of site policy or a suggestion about said policy it is to be taken up directly with me. That you are to message me over the forums, facebook, Skype, email, youtube, etc, whatever is convenient for you. I am not a difficult guy to get a hold off. Also all threads about site policy will be deleted on site and its creator reminded that if they have an issue it’s to be taken up directly with me.

    I realize now that this is how it used to be at the start of the forums and how it always should have been. That I shouldn’t have let my vision for what I wanted this site to be to be hijacked and distorted by others and it’s time I moved to remedy that.

    -Иосиф В. Сталин
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