Shogun 2 Tournament-Winner Gets Fall of the Samurai!

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  • by slydessertfox, Apr 21, 2012 at 3:13 PM
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    Ok so here is me trying to make yet another attempt at making a shooooooooooggguunnn 2 total war tournament. This time however, it will not fail. An thanks to Mr. Alex Tran, we have an incentive for people to actually play in it. Here's how it is going to go. Each bracket is going to be a different time zone. If you live in that particular timezone, you will be playing other people in that particular timezone.

    Here are the first round battles.

    Eastern Timezone

    @obiwan11198 vs @LampRevolt
    Winner: Obiwan
    Western Timezone

    @yuri2045 vs @Jack118
    Winner: Yuri2045

    Europe Timezone

    @The Evil Major vs @madprince
    Winner: The Evil Major

    Oceania Timezone

    @theteremaster vs @Darth Rabidus

    Winner: Theteremaster

    The Second Round Battles Are:

    @yuri2045 vs @obiwan11198

    Winner: Obiwan11198

    @theteremaster vs @The Evil Major

    Winner: The Evil Major


    Obiwan vs the evil major
    The winner of the eastern timezone will play europe's winner and the winner of the west will play oceania's winner. If your wondering why me and @GeneralofCarthage are not on there, it is so there could be an even amount of games, so we could properly have a second round without anybody playing extra games. The first round matchups can be played anywhere between tonight (Friday, May 4th) and next Sunday (may 13th). This should allow for adequate time to get a schedule together. Remember to send the replays.
    The 1 seed will play the 4 seed and the 2 will play the 3. Seeds will be determined randomly. Note what you are put on up here right now is just to see who is joining. Your actual seed will not be determined until we have everybody who will join on here.

    The each matchup will be a best of 2 out of 3. Whoever wins 2 out of the three games with their opponent moves onto the next round. For example, if I play Yuri in the first round, I would have to play him 3 times. Whichever one of us wins 2 out of the 3 moves on. Note that if you win the first two games, the third game is unnecessary as you would already have moved on to the next round.
    After the bracket rounds are finished, the winner from Eastern America will play winner from western America. The winner from Oceania will play the winner from Europe.

    The winners of those matchups will face each other. Then the overall winner will face Mr. Alex Tran himself.
    Battles Are To Be Fought Using Classical Battles! You must use an actual clan! This prevents people from using their own extremely vetted units and makes it more balanced.

    -You MUST play classical battles
    -No more than 6 of any unit
    -As for capping, I think CA did a good enough job with that already, but no more than 6 monk units total and no more than 3 of the same monk unit.
    -No camping.If you move into a defensive position and sit there, than that is fine. But just not moving or moving right next to the red line (unless of course you are strategically retreating or something) is unacceptable. Same goes with corner camping.
    -No strategic buildings in the battles.
    -All 3 battles must be fought on the same map to keep it fair and balanced.

    Battle replays must be sent (only 1 person needs to do it per battle) This way, we can do videos for all the battles and put them up on the channel. The video shows how you accomplish this task.

    I will tag @Kali and @Chelsea366 and @Spartacus and @Vulcan200x because they were in the giveaway thread.

    Anyone who owns Shogun 2 Total war can join!
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Discussion in 'Events' started by slydessertfox, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Chelsea366
    Around what time are you thinking for the matches in the Eastern time zone? Wanna make sure I can make it with my schedule before committing.
  2. slydessertfox
    Well whenever you and your opponent can schedule a game. I forgot to say that unless it is impossible, I want all bracket games played between a Friday and Sunday.
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  3. Vulcan200x
  4. Chelsea366
    I haven't played in ages, so I will probably be bad as well. Don't put me up for it just yet Sly. I'll keep an eye on the thread. Nevermind, already up there. >.>
  5. yuri2045
    I'm in the to install SHOOOOOOOGUN.

    hey sly, what about some rules to prevent unit spamming and etc, like putting a limit on how much warrior monks you can use and etc.
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  6. Spartacus
    Don't have shogun 2 so I can't join.
  7. slydessertfox
    I took you down. If you want back on just say so. I haven't played in ages either. I still have to reinstall it =P.

    Anyway, I am gona lay down some ground rules, and might add some more later.

    -You MUST play classical battles
    -No more than 6 of any unit
    -As for capping, I think CA did a good enough job with that already, but no more than 6 monk units total and no more than 3 of the same monk unit.

    Oh and one more thing I forgot to add. It's best 2 out of 3 (unless you guys don't like that idea). Basically, if I am playing yuri in the first round, I have to play him 3 times. Whoever wins 2 out of the 3 moves on to the next round.

    I'll edit this into the OP.
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  8. Chelsea366
    Aww... I suppose that's fair but that's a lot of games. I normally hate playing several matches in a row.
  9. slydessertfox
    I figured if somebody just has a bad game, they still have a chance to redeem themselves.

    Also I added a couple more rules.

    -No camping (moving to a defenseive position is fine)
    -All 3 battles must be fought on the same map.
    -No strategic buildings.
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  10. GeneralofCarthage
    Can you do it in the matter of the World Cup?
  11. yuri2045
    Best of 3 is better because it allows people to have more then one chance to move on.
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  12. GeneralofCarthage
    I prefer World Cup style.
  13. yuri2045
    I'm guessing you're saying that because you're afraid of winning one match and then losing the other 2, lol.
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  14. GeneralofCarthage
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  15. slydessertfox
    Best of three is the msot fair IMO because what if the first game, something screwed up or something? Then you are out of the tournament for good in single elimination. At least in best of 3 you have a chance to rebound.
  16. GeneralofCarthage
    But in the World Cup you still have a chance.
  17. slydessertfox
    Yes but I don't want this tournament to drag on for weeks. I would like to get it done in 1-2 weekends.
  18. GeneralofCarthage
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