Coffee House Posting Guidelines - Historical

Applied By Unillogical: Nov 10, 2011 at 1:49 PM

Coffee House Posting Guidelines
In case you all don't pay attention to the People's Assembly, there have been some changes round here. One of those changes is that we now enforce the tiniest of modicums of grammatical decency in our debate/discussion forums. That's the Coffehouse, you numbskulls. Political/Current Events, Historical Events, General Philosophy, and the Coffee Cast are all subject to this new policy.

This is worded extremely obviously, and I will do no further explaining.

Posts in the Coffeehouse forum must be at least one sentence long or else will be subject to deletion by the staff or tribunes. Emoticons may not be included in this initial sentence or the post again becomes subject to deletion by the staff or tribunes. No warnings will be given out as a result of this rule.

A sentence is defined as a complete statement including a subject and a verb, bound by punctuation and capitalization of the first letter of the first word, and also including all complex, non-standard, but also acceptable variants on the simple structure.

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