Let’s Play The Walking Dead – Episode 3: Part. 4

Let’s Play The Walking Dead – Episode 3: Part. 4
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  1. Daddy92
    Damn, this was a good episode not as good as episode 2 but still good.
    Sep 17, 2012
  2. Ter(je)minator
    I think this is as good as episode 2
    Sep 16, 2012
  3. René
    this episode makes sence because the game shows us that anything can happend. not even the children are safe. and its a good thing , even thought it was sad carley died. A game that finally stands above other zombie movies and games where only certain kinds of people always die and others survive
    Sep 6, 2012
  4. mshig11
    Man, so many people died this episode, so sad. I quite liked Carley's character, however her death is set in stone. :(
    Sep 6, 2012
  5. noelsoong
    I hated this episode because it makes no sense at all.
    Sep 1, 2012
  6. nolan hawthorne
    Quantrill's Raiders were from Missouri lol
    Aug 31, 2012
  7. Severus Lupus
    dont worry stalin, no matter what happens im pretty sure the person you saved in episode 1 dies in episode 3, even if you implicated ben, kind of bad example of "railroading" hahahahhahahahaha!
    Aug 30, 2012