Let's Play Darkest Hour - Part. 18

Let's Play Darkest Hour - Part. 18
  1. Superimperial
    Jan 22, 2013
  2. GeneralGaiusJulius
    Super duper mega giga Battleship... Awww Yeaaaa!!!
    Dec 10, 2012
  3. ThatGuy709
    Which one is better, Darkest Hour or Hearts of Iron 2? I'm about to buy one and I wanted some help because I don't know the differences in them.
    Feb 20, 2012
  4. kubamakar22
    I agree with mdhookey . Make Poland look like now + bonus from germany :)
    Jan 13, 2012
  5. Lighthouse
    I Demand nuclear warheads.
    Jan 7, 2012
  6. freeman12
    Carve up Germany into little bits and pieces then do the same to every other large country to ensure the csa's domination of the world and socalisms too cant forget the socalism
    Nov 14, 2011
  7. Sokol-1
    "I should have every single last person involved in that battle executed." That's the way Stalin! Now your thinking like a real dictator :)
    Nov 14, 2011
  8. mdhookey
    I'd say invade Bohemia, Austria-Hungary, Poland and Italy. After the conquests, then liberate Poland as an radical socialist state...that way, it should eat up territory from Germany and cut it down a bit in size. Then liberate Germany, Bohemia (make it Czechoslovakia or whatever its version is in this timeline, and create Yugoslavia, Austria, Hungary...just my idea.
    Nov 14, 2011
  9. battleearl
    Anyone got an idea what should happen to post-war Germany?
    Nov 14, 2011
  10. MayorEmanuel
    Go for that Indian chick!
    Nov 13, 2011
  11. asassinator88
    will you be starting a skyrim lp anytime soon
    Nov 13, 2011
  12. lordxan0
    Emperor Stalin! Will you commence in the production of Nuclear Reactors? You have the technology! It will bring glory to the people of the Socialist Coalition, and will lead to the Glorious Weapon of Atom!
    Nov 13, 2011
  13. 0tto von Bismark
    Hold on to the Fatherland until you are done with your next conquests. Invade Austria, because I want you kick their ass like I did in 1866. And hey, while we're at it, take out Poland. They've only been partitioned what? Three times? I don't think a fourth sounds so bad eh?
    Nov 13, 2011
  14. Johan V Wiking
    Invade Danmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and last and lest Iceland. To forme Scandinavia!
    Nov 13, 2011
  15. lordxan0
    Hmmm. Liberate Italia, then move into the Balkans.
    Nov 13, 2011